Herbs: Boosting Your Immunity Part 2

Herbs: Boosting Immunity Part 1

A little bit about Reiki

Please leave any comments or questions, I would love to start an open dialogue about Reiki.

The Importance of Connecting to Nature

Connecting to Nature is so important, here I share how I realized this and how you can get a little closer to nature.


Through out my life I have always been there for my friends and family. I have always been someone who people came to talk to... and actually I shouldn't limit myself to my family and friends because somehow I seem to attract those who need guidance no matter where I am. At first I thought they were trying to suck my frequency but as time went on I became able to hold frequency without depleting mine. Learning Reiki was a big part of this, I am so grateful for Reiki. But I also have a great deal more. I channel. I am not sure quite what I channel. I feel that it is different depending on the circumstance. I feel sometimes I channel my higher self and sometimes I connect with others higher selves in order to relay to them the messages of what they need to hear. I feel this is a true gift and in honor of everything that is happening right now - you are not alone! Everyone is going through so much right now and I really want to be of service to those who are seeking guidance. I have been sought out by many people around me in the last little while and feel that it is a sign that I should be sharing more and more with others.

I would love to offer sessions that incorporate all of what I have to utilize or just what you feel you need. I use Reiki, Crystals, Intuition and Channeling and Herbs.

1 hour session $60
We can also do different amounts of time but will use that as a base. I am so excited to be doing this! This is what my heart is guiding me to do!

Please email tiffanymailloux@yahoo.ca to book a session.

Thank you!


I just had an involuntary Kundalini experience while sitting at my computer. I closed my eyes and types this:

What does a Kundalini awakening feel like?
What does this energy that courses through your body feel like... an indescribable liquid coursing up your spin and into your head, when it is envisioned all I can see is the slow and purposeful movement of a snake. This purpose is not intimidating, thought the snake is very powerful, you can sense that it is slow and methodical and that this will bring you to new heights and greater levels of understanding. It simply feel s like a miracle.
A quite intense miracle

During the particular experience I am describing I can feel a great force in my throat, and I am making small involuntary noises through my mouth. I feel hot, the back of my throat feels hot my body is tense and I take a few deep breathes to loosen it. . The energy passes and I thank it for this wonderful experience.

I had this right after I read these words: Make a decision that you are going to do everything you can to be as happy as you can in every moment.
I did fix the spelling, as my eyes were closed the typing wasn't perfect but other then that I left it. I had some more powerful stuff happen at first but this is just after, while I was trying to comprehend the feeling. I feel this is very powerful for me to share, so thank you for being here.

Raw Food

I watch a woman named Dara Dubinet on Youtube all the time, since I love her and she is currently promoting the documentary Average Joe On The Raw I thought I would pass along the info.

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I truly believe in raw food and will share a little more about that later, in the mean time help these guys out and learn about the amazing benefits of RAW! It is an amazing project, and worth checking out.

Update: Reiki in the Hospital

 I wanted to take a moment to give you a little update on my friend in the hospital.

As I had mentioned when I originally went to see him it was my intention or plan to give him a Reiki Level One Attunement, but when I got there it didn't seem right so instead I opened his chakras and brought the Reiki symbols down into his crown and then wrapped him in the energy like a Reiki vortex (just to give you a visual) and then I asked that the energy stay with him for as long as he needed.

I am happy to report that even though he has gotten out of ICU that day he went home 3 days after this, and now he is doing much better. His wife thanked me and said that it had been all uphill since I had visited in the hospital and he said that he would be back to fishing within the next 2 weeks :)

I mentioned that I had felt he was on the up and up when I visited; however, I can't help but feel that Reiki had a hand in the speed of the recovery, remember that it was only that morning that both his wife and son had come to accept that this could be the end. Reiki can be an amazing tool in healing physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Reiki in the hospital

I must admit the thought of hospitals often make me cringe. I feel like a hospital is somewhere you go to die, rather then somewhere that regenerates life but this week I was pleasantly surprised. I went to visit a good family friend who had fought against going to the doctor only to be taken into the hospital and put in intensive care due to an infection in his appendix and gall bladder which were removed, though not before the infection had begun to head into his liver and pancreas. He was in pretty rough shape, and after 6 days in ICU he was put into a regular room.
I went to see him and as I walked though the hall I realized that the energy wasn't that bad, it didn't feel like the end.
I went into his room and the sun was shining through the window beside him and apart from the fact that the way his bed was positioned to the window he looked at the building instead of a nice lake and mountains in the other direction, it still felt alright. As I walked in I noticed that he was asleep so I stood at the end of the bed and help my hands up and started beaming Reiki at him. Within 10 seconds or less his eyes popped open. Now when his wife asked me to come to the hospital that morning it sounded like he was in rough shape, near the end, so I was pleasantly surprised when he asked me how it was going. We chatted and I kept beaming symbols and Reiki at him all the while. I had an overwhelming sense that he had made it over the hump and was on his path of recovery. Going over I had intended to give him a level one attunement but it just seemed so awkward so I simply intended that the energy stay with him. I only stayed for about an hour as I had a commitment to make but after I came back with his son. I had planned on trying the attunement on my second trip but again something stopped me. Instead I envisioned white light (I want to say source energy, but that's what we all are so it doesn't quite seem right) coming into his crown and saw each symbol coming down to his crown one at a time and wrapping around him in a cone shape connecting to the earth. Like a vortex blanket of Reiki that will stay with him. It felt right.

Do you ever feel like this?

I am feeling a little like this today on my birthday. I realize that this is my own creation and I ask myself what am I resisting? What must I let go of? What belief is limiting me?

If your willing to wait for Tomorrow

Growing up many of us had a hard time living through our teenage years. I doubt you would ever talk to someone who said it was a breeze. There was always some sort of issue that was faced, for some it was self esteem issues which manifest themselves in all sorts of nasty ways and for other like myself and many teen age girls especially it was a struggle with my parents, my mom particularly as my Dad past away when I was young and my Step Father respected that he wasn't my 'Dad' and couldn't discipline me.  This fell onto my poor Mom, and I felt like everything was her fault.
I think all teenagers want to escape their lives at some point, for me I always wanted to runaway. Not runaway from life itself but run away from the people and things that I felt were making it hard. I never could understand why someone would decide to end their life though I know that it crosses many peoples minds, it never crossed mine. Never seriously anyways.
And now as my sister has been in a social workers office for over an hour and a half because she told her doctor she was seriously considering taking her own life and I just can't comprehend it. I am a very empathic person but I can't feel what it must feel like to see that there is no light at the end of the tunnel. Especially because I escaped my teen age years and saw with relief that upon graduation and moving out for me it was a whole different world. Like I jumped through the looking glass from the nightmare that was teenage hood into the real world of new beginnings and possibilities.
I must put a disclaimer here that my life in general was fantastic, I had great friends, a boyfriend that truly loved me and hobbies that kept me busy, it was my home life and the constant fighting and screaming between my mother and I as we both struggled to gain control of my life (though that will be another post) that was my torture. And one day I left and now my mom and I are great friends, like none of it ever happened, and this changed pretty much instantaneously. And I just wish that all teenagers could understand that everything will change. Everything will get better.

On a side note:
Through out my life and even from my sister I have heard ' You are so strong, you've been through so much' And here's the thing - Its not like I am strong because I have been through so much, I didn't have a choice! Life brings difficult things and great things and no matter what comes our way the only thing we can be sure of is that time here on earth is going to keep ticking. That's what my grandma taught me, if your willing to wait for it tomorrow will come, and you know what? It might bring something great!


Owls have always been quite illusive to me. I have only seen them 3 times, the most recent being last week. But let me start with the first time. 

The first time I ever saw an owl was with one of my best friends Jonathan, we were driving; as we had spent so much time doing together, and I remember thinking about how cool it was, yes this may sound kind of lame but I live in the mountains and it wasn't until I was 22 years of age that I saw my very first owl. I will never forget this, it was perched in a tree and I only saw it for a second or two but it seemed like a mini milestone moment. 

The second time I saw an owl was 12 days after Jonathan had passed away. This time I got a much better view, I was in the passenger side of Jonathan's car once again. I was traveling with his wife and daughter and we were on our way to the beach, it was a cool spring day and we all needed to take a break and decided to convoy with some friends to a beach about an hour away. We were driving along a road that has only recently been paved and is still primarily used for logging and is usually quite deserted. We were traveling along a long straight stretch and this huge bird which I recongised by its very flat face to be an owl dive bombed the car. I could have reached out the window and touched it and its noble eyes looked straight into the vehicle. To any one else it would have looked as though this wise creature were trying to commit suicide but to both Chelsea and I we knew this was merely Jonathan saying hello - and scaring the hell out of us!

The third time was last week, I drove into work and realized that I had forgotten my lap top at home which is 45 minutes away. Furthermore I was also nearly out of gas and had noticed that the only gas station in between was closed. Now at this point I had to make a decision: do I go into the next town to fill up, likely adding about 20 minutes to my journey or do I chance it on the next town that is more 'on my way' and was about 20 minutes away. I decided to chance it. I had two bars left on my gas meter, well as soon as I turned onto the highway towards home, the 'no turning back point' it dropped to one bar - now why is it that the first half of the gas tank seems to last so much longer then the last, this I always wonder, and as that second to last bar disappeared my stomach dropped. I have already realized that if I run out of gas this will likely take about an hour out of my trip rather then the 20 minutes that I had previously been concerned with and as I thought my most positive thoughts and said 'come on baby - you can make it' to my car this owl swooped down right across the road in front of me. And once again it scared the hell out of me, while at the same time providing me with the comfort to know that I was going to make it. Though let me tell you when I was still 10 minutes away and that last bar disappeared I became slightly desperate, I still knew that this must be Jono telling me that I was going to make it.
A sign. 
And I did, by the skin of my teeth I am sure but I did.

Approaching 2011 with the Leadership of the Cougar

Every year I look forward to doing some goal setting at the end of December, often due to the holiday I end up doing mine the first couple of days in January. While I have set up some professional goals I have been waiting for some quiet time to set my personal goals. I have thought quite a bit about it but I do intend to write out a detailed plan. When I want something I plan.... despite what 'The Secret' says, I believe that it requires a little more then some positive thinking - Positive thinking can go a long way; however I believe that they need to be a little more directed. Sitting down and writing out your intentions will certainly help you to achieve them, especially if you add the actions of following though.
This is without a doubt the best way for me to achieve what I want.

That being said last night I kept dreaming about Cougars, so I looked up the totem and here is what is says:

This is a very powerful, but very difficult totem. 
Cougar medicine is the lesson of the use of power,
how to be an effective, fair leader and not abuse power.
This totem’s gift is how to balance power, intention, strength and grace. 
It is the balance of body, mind and spirit.  
The first responsibility of leadership is truth. 
Remember:  Responsibility is no more than the ability to respond to any situation. 
Cougar can teach you how to bring out your power
and fill your heart with it that will enable you to take charge of your life. 
You can use Cougar power to defend yourself or to attack. 

(This is an excerpt taken from Lin's Domain )
I think this is a great philosophy to take with me into the New Year, and tonight as I set my goals and intentions forth I will be taking this into consideration.