Reiki in the hospital

I must admit the thought of hospitals often make me cringe. I feel like a hospital is somewhere you go to die, rather then somewhere that regenerates life but this week I was pleasantly surprised. I went to visit a good family friend who had fought against going to the doctor only to be taken into the hospital and put in intensive care due to an infection in his appendix and gall bladder which were removed, though not before the infection had begun to head into his liver and pancreas. He was in pretty rough shape, and after 6 days in ICU he was put into a regular room.
I went to see him and as I walked though the hall I realized that the energy wasn't that bad, it didn't feel like the end.
I went into his room and the sun was shining through the window beside him and apart from the fact that the way his bed was positioned to the window he looked at the building instead of a nice lake and mountains in the other direction, it still felt alright. As I walked in I noticed that he was asleep so I stood at the end of the bed and help my hands up and started beaming Reiki at him. Within 10 seconds or less his eyes popped open. Now when his wife asked me to come to the hospital that morning it sounded like he was in rough shape, near the end, so I was pleasantly surprised when he asked me how it was going. We chatted and I kept beaming symbols and Reiki at him all the while. I had an overwhelming sense that he had made it over the hump and was on his path of recovery. Going over I had intended to give him a level one attunement but it just seemed so awkward so I simply intended that the energy stay with him. I only stayed for about an hour as I had a commitment to make but after I came back with his son. I had planned on trying the attunement on my second trip but again something stopped me. Instead I envisioned white light (I want to say source energy, but that's what we all are so it doesn't quite seem right) coming into his crown and saw each symbol coming down to his crown one at a time and wrapping around him in a cone shape connecting to the earth. Like a vortex blanket of Reiki that will stay with him. It felt right.

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