Update: Reiki in the Hospital

 I wanted to take a moment to give you a little update on my friend in the hospital.

As I had mentioned when I originally went to see him it was my intention or plan to give him a Reiki Level One Attunement, but when I got there it didn't seem right so instead I opened his chakras and brought the Reiki symbols down into his crown and then wrapped him in the energy like a Reiki vortex (just to give you a visual) and then I asked that the energy stay with him for as long as he needed.

I am happy to report that even though he has gotten out of ICU that day he went home 3 days after this, and now he is doing much better. His wife thanked me and said that it had been all uphill since I had visited in the hospital and he said that he would be back to fishing within the next 2 weeks :)

I mentioned that I had felt he was on the up and up when I visited; however, I can't help but feel that Reiki had a hand in the speed of the recovery, remember that it was only that morning that both his wife and son had come to accept that this could be the end. Reiki can be an amazing tool in healing physically, emotionally and spiritually.

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