Gratitude and Kundalini

I have read that the concept of Kundalini comes from yogic philosophy of ancient India and refers to the mothering intelligence behind yogic awakening and spiritual maturation. I always thought that in order to have these kind of profound spiritual experiences you must be on a disciplined path, that you must eat natural and whole foods free of animal products, that you must slowly raise your vibration and while I do think that these things are important I must admit that my expereince happended during a period that I have been feeling a low vibration.

Here it is. I am a Reiki Master which does help to raise your vibration but during that last few months I have fallen behind in my practice, rarely giving treatments and allowing myself to get wrapped up in some 'bad energy'. There was something though; that was lifting the cloud for me, and it was gratitude. Gratitude is one of the most simplistic and powerful things in existence. I signed up for a daily gratitude email from
actually it is a 42 day experiement, in which I get an email reminding me of the power of gratitude. What it did for me was encourage me to focus on gratitude. I have been taking time out of each day to recall what I am grateful for, as well as during times of stress or self induced negativity I have been actively shifting my focus and taking time to recount what I am gratful for.

In the future I will discuss what this can do for you but now I would like to acknowledge that it was this practice souly that helped to bring about a great raise in vibration and has helped to unlock my dormant serpent, also known as Kundalini energy and really has helped to shift my whole being to a happier and more loving place.

Kundalini Rising

I have had several experiences that I had thought were Kundalini related, and probably were. Several times during reiki attunements I had 'cracking head' syndrome; on which I will elaborate later, but nothing quite like yesterday. Yesterday I was not expecting this, and at work; at my desk was definitely the least opportune time and yet it happened. Kundalini is an energy that takes the shape of a serpent coiled at the base of your spine, I have read about it many times and yet nothing that I read truly makes sense. I suppose nothing can really be said of energy as it is not something that words can master. It is subtle and powerful.

My understanding of Kundalini energy is that it waits at the bottom of your spine like a serpent waiting to awaken and rise up the spine and into the cranium allowing you to reach greater depths of enlightenment. It is said to be extremely dangerous if you are not ready for it and can be brought about intentionally through spiritual practices (which should be only attempted with a trained professional) or unintentionally either spontaneously when you are ready or through a traumatic experience such as drug psychosis or a near death experience. I have heard of situations where an individual is not ready for the extreme energy and awakening that it can cause what would clinically considered well... crazy... or even death.

There is much you can read about Kundalini online, some of it is very hard to sift through and some of it isn't. I wanted to share my experience with you as it happened yesterday afternoon.

I woke up very tired and began the day in an altered state. I have had this happen before and to be honest, it wasn't a very pleasant state. Kind of like the haze of a really bad hangover combined with the feeling of being in a dream and I had next to zero patience. I was feeling pretty low and realized that I hadn't eaten since early the morning before so I thought that maybe had something to do with it. I went to a vegan restaurant near my work for lunch and came back with the intention that I would feel refreshed and clear minded. I even did some grounding exercises at lunch because I was feeling so spacey. I came in and sat down and tried to work but my attention span was next to zero, my stomach felt heavy, weighted, but much differently then just being full. Then I started to feel very light headed, and my vision became blurred. I actually panicked a little bit, I felt like I was going to black out. Then I felt the tingling sensation. Like sparkling traveling up my spine, at this point I realized what it was and could do nothing more that sit completely still. I stopped and rested at the base of my cranium and I mentally visualized it and coaxed it to travel back down my spine and relax. I was at work with two other gentlemen that would have no idea what was happening to me; nor did I know what to expect. I asked that it happen again when I was safely at home. After this; I felt refreshed and clear and full of energy.

Tom -ay -to or Tom -at-o?

I don't care how you say it! The first seeds to sprout were tomatoes. I thought eggplants fo rsure but I was pleasantly wrong.