Gratitude and Kundalini

I have read that the concept of Kundalini comes from yogic philosophy of ancient India and refers to the mothering intelligence behind yogic awakening and spiritual maturation. I always thought that in order to have these kind of profound spiritual experiences you must be on a disciplined path, that you must eat natural and whole foods free of animal products, that you must slowly raise your vibration and while I do think that these things are important I must admit that my expereince happended during a period that I have been feeling a low vibration.

Here it is. I am a Reiki Master which does help to raise your vibration but during that last few months I have fallen behind in my practice, rarely giving treatments and allowing myself to get wrapped up in some 'bad energy'. There was something though; that was lifting the cloud for me, and it was gratitude. Gratitude is one of the most simplistic and powerful things in existence. I signed up for a daily gratitude email from
actually it is a 42 day experiement, in which I get an email reminding me of the power of gratitude. What it did for me was encourage me to focus on gratitude. I have been taking time out of each day to recall what I am grateful for, as well as during times of stress or self induced negativity I have been actively shifting my focus and taking time to recount what I am gratful for.

In the future I will discuss what this can do for you but now I would like to acknowledge that it was this practice souly that helped to bring about a great raise in vibration and has helped to unlock my dormant serpent, also known as Kundalini energy and really has helped to shift my whole being to a happier and more loving place.

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