I just had an involuntary Kundalini experience while sitting at my computer. I closed my eyes and types this:

What does a Kundalini awakening feel like?
What does this energy that courses through your body feel like... an indescribable liquid coursing up your spin and into your head, when it is envisioned all I can see is the slow and purposeful movement of a snake. This purpose is not intimidating, thought the snake is very powerful, you can sense that it is slow and methodical and that this will bring you to new heights and greater levels of understanding. It simply feel s like a miracle.
A quite intense miracle

During the particular experience I am describing I can feel a great force in my throat, and I am making small involuntary noises through my mouth. I feel hot, the back of my throat feels hot my body is tense and I take a few deep breathes to loosen it. . The energy passes and I thank it for this wonderful experience.

I had this right after I read these words: Make a decision that you are going to do everything you can to be as happy as you can in every moment.
I did fix the spelling, as my eyes were closed the typing wasn't perfect but other then that I left it. I had some more powerful stuff happen at first but this is just after, while I was trying to comprehend the feeling. I feel this is very powerful for me to share, so thank you for being here.

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