Through out my life I have always been there for my friends and family. I have always been someone who people came to talk to... and actually I shouldn't limit myself to my family and friends because somehow I seem to attract those who need guidance no matter where I am. At first I thought they were trying to suck my frequency but as time went on I became able to hold frequency without depleting mine. Learning Reiki was a big part of this, I am so grateful for Reiki. But I also have a great deal more. I channel. I am not sure quite what I channel. I feel that it is different depending on the circumstance. I feel sometimes I channel my higher self and sometimes I connect with others higher selves in order to relay to them the messages of what they need to hear. I feel this is a true gift and in honor of everything that is happening right now - you are not alone! Everyone is going through so much right now and I really want to be of service to those who are seeking guidance. I have been sought out by many people around me in the last little while and feel that it is a sign that I should be sharing more and more with others.

I would love to offer sessions that incorporate all of what I have to utilize or just what you feel you need. I use Reiki, Crystals, Intuition and Channeling and Herbs.

1 hour session $60
We can also do different amounts of time but will use that as a base. I am so excited to be doing this! This is what my heart is guiding me to do!

Please email to book a session.

Thank you!

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