Cleansing in the fall

Lets be like trees and let anything that doesn't suite us this winter fall to the ground!
The fall is an excellent time for a short and gentle cleanse. As we leave the celebratory summer full of too many drinks on the deck, and some foods we couldn't refuse at BBQs it is a good time to take a short cleanse to renew the body and banish any unwanted waste physically and energetically and raise our vibration in preparation for another season that leads to low will power, aka 'The holidays' What a great time to cleanse as well, as nature has provided us with a bounty of fresh fruits and veggies.
You can choose what type of cleanse, and when to begin in order to be realistic to your lifestyle. For example a juice fast over thanksgiving is probably not a great idea, and you want to be as successful as possible. It is important to cleanse all year by be good to ourselves, but seriously, we generally aren't even aware of what goes in to our bodies on a day to day basis. Last year I did an excellent cleanse that was from Martha Stewarts Body and Soul program, which I intend to follow again this year, it surprised me in its holistic approach, but for now while I wait to begin with them again I will do a juice cleanse.
I am going to follow a strict diet of just juice for 3 days beginning on Monday October 5th. I try to do this every fall as there is often a great amount of produce to juice. I have heard that For everyday of Juice Fasting you reclaim 120 days of your life. That doesn't really coincide with my spiritual beliefs but I think that you may feel as though you are 120 days younger. I know last year I was filled with so much energy, more then I had ever experienced before, as as long as I kept juice handy and could keep my blood sugar levels even I didn't feel any sort of hunger.
Please join me in a short 3 day cleanse, we will give our digestive systems a break, and fill our bodies with the pure life force of the fruits and vegetables that we consume. I will make sure to blog each day on how I am feeling, and feel free to let me know how you are too!

A very inspirational website is Loving Raw; Philip from this site completed a 100 day juice feast in order to further accomplish his health goals. I also love reading Natalia Rose from detox the world. She offers a lot of great tips and recipes.

There are a lot of different types of cleanses, so please feel free to experiment with any that you naturally feel drawn to, I encourage you to not do anything that might seem unhealthy, nothing to extreme, the body more readily responds to gentle cleansing. Even if its a little tweak, like dry brushing before showering (Sooo beneficial!) or getting a lymphatic massage. Give yourself a little break this fall and let me know how it goes.

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