The simple way to true happiness.

Life is simple. Our minds like to complicate matters and tell us otherwise; but here it is, we choose what we presently have in our lives. We do have complete control over our lives; though most of us would like to not take responsibility. Happiness is not some magic force that just appears for a few lucky people; it is a conscious decision that we can make each day. Want happiness; then do the things that make you happy, surround yourself with others who are happy and who make you feel good. It really is that simple. If your mind tells you otherwise, or you come up with a million excuses then perhaps you don't love yourself enough to choose happiness.
Are you bored? Well then, you must be a boring person. Want fun? Do something fun! Hang out with someone who you have fun with, do things that make you laugh. Choose fun. It really is that simple.
Angry? Figure out a solution to your problem and/ or let it go. Then do something you love to make yourself happy. Choose happy.
Sad? Likely you are dwelling on sadness; there are exceptions of course so if necessary take the time to heal then choose happy. And while your healing look for the goodness in things, see the beauty. Choose happy, even if its little bits at a time.

Really the key to life is doing the things you love and being with people who you love. People who bring fun and laughter into your life. Don't settle for anything less. Love yourself enough to do so.

And remember that there is a lot of joy in life's simple pleasures and its your choice to enjoy them.

 I found great joy out of watching this tree full of baby squirrels, they were so quick I could only get two in one picture but there must have been about 5 of them!

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