Some call them weeds.... A closer look at the Dandelion

Some might call this beautiful specimen a weed but others are in the know, it packs a punch as an herb.... more to come soon!
Every part of the dandelion has healing properties. On a whole it is known for its benefits of the liver and kidneys. Dandelions have a high concentration of vitamins and minerals; both the leaf and root are also considered a restorative and an adaptogen that helps the body build and reserve energy.
The root is a powerful liver detoxifier and also benefits the female reproductive system as it helps to regulate and balance hormone production.
The leaf is very alkalizing, a great diuretic and excellent for kidney and urinary issues. It is one of the best remedies for these issues as it is high in potassium and a rich source of vitamin A and C, iron and calcium. It is also a mild liver tonic and great for cleaning the blood and lymphatic system.
Lesser known benefits include those found in the flowers which can provide relief of mild pain. The Sap found in the stem is antibacterial and antifungal. It can be useful on scar tissue and acne and has even helped to get rid of warts.
And last but not least the seeds are antibacterial for the lungs.
This is just a brief overview of the benefits of using a holistic dandelion remedy. I feel that it is more beneficial to your body to use a remedy that uses all of the parts as nature creates everything in balance. Even if you only require certain components it is important to note that your body will much more readily absorb its healing qualities and find balance more quickly if the remedy is in balance.  I also feel that using the entirety of the plant gives it higher vibrational and energetic quality.

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