I fully believe in psychic abilities and love to interact with those who have a good grasp on them. (I would like to note that I believe we all possess the ability to develop these abilities)
Anyways... feeling a little perplexed I decided it would be fun to go and have my tea leaves read, so I went with a friend and we both had amazing 30 minute reading incorporating the tea leaves, tarot cards the a clairvoyant, I had never had it done and was really curious. Because so much can be said in 30 minutes I had the session recorded onto a tape... a little old fashioned but my only option.

I left feeling great, so clear and hopeful for what lies ahead of me. Everything was as I thought with a lot of victory.

I was planning on listening to my tape right away but the old tape player that I thought I had in my basement was actually just an old radio. Then I kept thinking about the things she had said and began to doubt it, things can't really be that good can they? Were some of her answers vague? Was I offering too much information to her? Maybe they were just lucky guesses, after a few days I was skeptical about the whole thing, even though when I left I felt so sure, and like her answers were straight forward and direct.

Then I finally borrowed a tape player and listened to it, and using my own intuition I was able to understand what she said and even see further into the things that I wasn't able to focus on because I was too busy thinking about the last thing or the next thing, alot can happen in 30 minutes!

My point is that the answers are within ourselves, it wasn't until I was able to step back and listen to my heart that the clear answers stood out to me, and while I think she was bang on it was up to me to interpret it the way that resonates with myself, so go ahead and ask for help and when you do so be open to everything they have to say and then listen to your own heart about what it all means.

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