Questions for Spiritual Leaders

Like others I follow many people, from the teachings of spiritual leaders, Reiki masters, my teachers right to people who I resonate with on Youtube - yes there can be a great deal of information on YouTube  and generally I take what resonates with me and try to apply it to my daily life. But even as a Reiki Master myself I will admit that this is much easier said then done. I would love to be a raw foodist who meditates for hours each day and finds time to offer service to others and immerse myself in new spiritual practices constantly but sometimes I feel like I am the only one who admits that sometimes this is not possible - and that is ok. I do what I can when I can, and I don't beat myself up if I end up watching tv, or eating something that will block my energy flow, I mean ofcourse I am mindful and I try to be who I want to be but there is something beautiful about surrendering into who you are at that very moment. There is something absolutely amazing about being so comfortable with yourself that you can admit you are not perfect and feel good about it. 
Maybe I am not on as fast a track to 'enlightenment' as others, but I know that I will get there and I think that is what is important. So here is my question - Am I alone on this? Do those who would call themselves spiritual leaders sometimes embellish on how closely they follow the regime that they preach? Am I asking do raw foodists never eat cooked food? Do vegetarians always shy from animal products? Do meditation experts practice as much as they tell us to? Do Reiki masters really stay zen and true to the motto 'Just for today I will not anger' surely some days you anger??
And the real question if you do slip up, why will you not admit it? 

Be true to who you are - Love yourself - All of yourself!

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