My thoughts on the Swine Flu/ H1N1 Vaccine

This is such a hot topic and I have to admit I am one of those people who feels very passionately about the Vaccine and the flu in general. This is because I had the flu last July. I was hoping that most people would be awake to realize what is going on, but as I keep hearing of friends lining up to get the shot I feel like speaking up a little bit.

There are a lot of sites making claims and as most of my research has come from the net I will tell you what I know to be true first.

I went to a 4 day music festival in early July. I was there Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and then on Saturday, and it was Saturday that I first felt a tickle in my throat. I figured I had been singing along and what not so a scratchy throat was to be expected. Sunday my throat was quite hoarse, again to be expected and Monday I had the sniffles and realized it had been a cold. I kicked myself because usually at the first sign of a cold I eat some garlic, get some extra rest, maybe gargle a little salt and wake up the next day feeling great. Once the sniffles set in though it takes a little more effort to get better.

I consider myself a very healthy person, I very rarely get sick at all; even despite my boyfriend having a horrible immune system and being sick all of the time. Well in July; by the Tuesday I felt absolutely terrible! So weak and achey and tired and very congested. I went home from work at noon; fell asleep on the couch right away, woke up at 6 pm and went to bed for the night. I slept for about 24 hours, only to wake up violently hacking up a lung. Not a pretty scene I know. The next day was the same, everything ached, every muscle, my eyes, my ears, my head, even my toes. And I felt like I would never get better. I couldn't even watch TV because that was too much stimulation. All I could do was sleep more. My boyfriend dragged me to the walk in clinic across the street. It was hard just to get up to go to the bathroom because I was so achey let alone cross the street! He said that I displayed every sign and symptom of the H1N1 and put me on home isolation for a week. I even had to wear a mask around my BF. That night I made a concoction of a couple table spoons of turmeric, a wedge of lemon, and a squeeze of honey. I drank it which I thought tasted like carrots from the garden, with dirt still on. But my taste was pretty weak due to the congestion. I went to sleep because that was all I could do.
The next day I felt a world better. Not cured my any stretch of the imagination but I had some energy back, my head felt better - I could actually think. I slept a lot this day too but felt like I was recovering. The next day was Friday and I felt fine. Not fine, I still felt like I had a cold but it was really just a few sniffles. And by Monday the sniffles were gone.

So to sum it up, it was bad but it really was just a flu.

Now on to the vaccine: Is it worth the risk?

I know what the flu is like and while I wouldn't wish it upon anyone; I would take the flu over the vaccine any day because I don't know what the vaccine will do.
I have found that it contains Thimerosol which is 49 % mercury; this movie was quite enlightening on the affects of mercury. To quote it: If water has two parts per billion of mercury it is unsafe to drink, if any substance has 200 parts per billion it is toxic waste and the average vaccine has 50,000 parts per billion of mercury. That means that if the Dr or nurse drops the vial and it breaks it would have to be treated like toxic waste. Why would anyone put any sort of toxic waste in their body. It also contains a squalene adjuvant which you may read about how it is safe; what they don't tell you is that when administered through a vaccine they body cannot analyse and process squalene effectively and this has been linked to autoimmune disorders; affects can range from mild night sweats to seizures and have been linked to various disorders including MS.
I have also found a whole host of other peculiar ingredients but cannot for sure claim that they are in there but they include cat and dog cancer cells.
It seems like the vaccine is poison? And why would your doctor want to poison you?
For two reasons. One he doesn't know any better then what he is told, and two he doesn't care to know differently because doctors receive huge kick backs for writing prescriptions. Does he feel bad about this? Probably as bad as a logger who cuts down a tree - that tree was a truck payment and zing there is a family vacation.
Who else is benefiting from this?
The Media, right now we are apparently in a recession and anything the media can grab onto equals dollars.
Big Pharma, this one is obvious, but what not be so obvious is that they won't only benefit from the vaccines being sold, but if any conditions 'mysteriously' develop after being vaccinated those people will most likely turn to medications thus fueling Big Pharma yet again! Those sneaky bastards!

Clearly I am anti vaccine and really I could go into further depths of why but I encourage you to do some of your own research. Look in as many places as you can and weigh the risks. I'm pretty sure you will see the scale tipping strongly to my side but it is important that you find this out for yourself. And because you researched and asked questions not because you are now a statistic for H1N1 vaccine complications.

Before I end this I want to mention something else; that alot of health care workers are refusing the vaccine too. I spoke to one nurse who said she would not get it because there were to many questions surrounding it and not enough answers; and I have read many reports that are similar.

I am going to share with you some site that I found to be interesting; please note though; that my info in this blog did not come from any of them.

Here is a resource that I just found and believe to be very reliable:

Care 2

And some other info I found interesting:

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